Town Staff

Town Manager Paula Scott 862-3034  
Town Treasurer Paula Scott 862-3034  
Town Clerk & Registrar of Voters Gayle Decker 862-8361  
Tax Collector Wanda Libbey 862-3034  
General Assistance Director Amanda Day 862-3034  
Finance and Human Resources Department Tammy Ewing 862-3034  
Utility Billing Clerk Nikole Jensen 862-3337  
Tax Assessor Richard Thibodeau 862-8363  
Code Enforcement Officer

Myles Block

Director of Planning  Economic Development Amy Ryder 862-8223  
IT Director Alex Vernier 862-8434  
Pool Director Darcey Peakall 862-4305  
Public Safety Director Chief Christian Bailey 862-4000  
Deputy Police Chief Scott Webber 862-4000  
Deputy Fire Chief Jason Lundstrom 862-4000  
Public Works Director Jonathan Clements 862-3337  
Town Engineer Victor Smith 862-8362  
Library Director Mary Beckett 862-3550  
Recreation Director Bryann Lentz 862-6451  
Cemetery Sexton Charlie Nash 862-3337
Inquiries through the Town Clerk
Town Attorney Timothy A. Pease
Rudman Winchell
Inquiries through the Town Manager
Health Officer Jason Lundstrom 862-4000  
Harbor Master Peter Neal 270-1270  
Road Commissioner Jonathan Clements 862-3034