The Town of Hampden operates a sewer utility that serves approximately 1,500 properties in town. The Sewer Fund operates as an Enterprise Account, and its finances and accounts are maintained separately from the town's General Fund.  

The Director of Public Works, as the Sewer Superintendent, exercises day to day operational oversight of the sewer, including maintenance and repairs, and this work is supported by a Utility Billing Clerk in the Land & Building Services office. 

Under the Town Charter, the Town Manager is responsible for preparing an annual budget for the Sewer Enterprise Account for approval by the Town Council.  The Town Charter also establishes the authority of the Town Council to regulate the rates charged for the sewer utility.  The sewer rates are included in Section 2.9 of the Fees Ordinance, and may be amended by the Council after a public hearing.

Sewer bills are based on water usage. The usage portion of the bill is based on the customer’s water usage measured in cubic feet. Under the Ordinance, customers showing no sewer usage during a particular quarter are still invoiced for a minimum charge.

The Town Council, as the Sewer Commissioners, works with the Town Manager and the Director of Public Works to evaluate the sewer rate structure on an at-least annual basis, as required by the Sewer Ordinance.


The current rate is $16.00/100 cubic feet (CF) (Effective as of Oct. 1st 2021)



Informational resources:


Technical Appendix 1 Grease Guide 



For questions regarding billing, liens, notices, etc.:

Nikole Jensen, Utility Billing Clerk

Telephone: 862-4500


Operational Management of Sewer:

Jonathan Clements, DPW Director/Sewer Superintendent
Telephone: 862-3337

Service Area Map

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