Planning Board

The Town of Hampden Maine's Planning Board is comprised of 7 regular members and 2 alternate members appointed by the Town Council to five-year terms.

The Planning Board is responsible to review almost all land use activities except for the construction of a single-family residence. The following is a list of the types of activities that require Planning Board approvals; consult the Zoning, Subdivision, and Shoreland Zoning Ordinances for other activities requiring Board approval:

  • To construct a commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, or institutional building,
  • To change the use of such a building,
  • To establish a home occupation,
  • To subdivide property (pursuant to Maine Statutes defining "subdivision"). 
  • To cut trees in areas zoned Resource Protection District in proximity of bodies of water.

Please contact the Planning Department at 207-862-4500 if you have any questions.


For Agendas and Minutes, click here.

For Planning Board Deadlines and the Fee schedule, see below. 


Current members (term expiration date):

Benjamin A. Dunham, Chair (2025)

Dennis Marble, Vice-Chair (2025)

Amanda Day (2028)

Benjamin J. Kaiman (2024)

Kurtis Marsh (2028)

Ryan J.S. Tribou (2027)

Jacob K. Beaulier (2027)


Alternate Members:

Monica Small (2026)

Bernard Kubetz (2028)


Last updated 1/22/2024