Budget Information

The Hampden Town Council voted on the FY24 budget on June 26, 2023. The budget vote, by Charter, must be done at a public hearing which was held at a meeting of the Town Council.  Copies of the approved budget are available at the Town Office and are also included in the link below. 


The  FY24 approved budgets include Municipal Expenses and Revenue projections, a Sewer Enterprise Budget and the required appropriations from other entities the Town is required by State Law to financially support, including its share of the Regional School Unit 22 Budget and a percentage of the Penobscot County Budget. The latter is based upon Hampden's population.


The Town of Hampden's approved budget package includes the required RSU #22 appropriation of $ 8,239,841.12 for the Town's local required contribution; and the Penobscot County appropriation of $ 1,355,407.00 for the Town's local required contribution.  This approved budget is the fiscal plan for the operations and community investment programs of the Town for the period of July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.  The funding program includes several components for General Fund Operations, Capital Improvement/Reserve Program and the Sewer Division. 




Included below is a link to a Budget Calculator.  If you enter the amount of your annual property tax bill, this Calculator will tell you how those dollars are applied to different expense categories approved in the FY-2023 budget. 


In addition to the approved budget documents, the Town posts its Independent Audit Reports, conducted annually by the Maine-licensed CPA firm - James W. Wadman in Ellsworth.  The most recent annual Audits are available below, and additional prior years are available by contacting the Town Manager or Town Clerk.