Violations Bureau Fines

Traffic offense fines must be paid directly to the Violations Bureau. You may pay the ticket online here. If you need to contact the Violations Bureau, you may reach them at the address or telephone number below:

Maine Judicial Branch
Violations Bureau
PO Box 480
Lewiston, ME 04243-0480

Many people often assume that local police departments or municipalities receive some or all of the monies collected from traffic fines.  The Town of Hampden and/or the Hampden Public Safety Department does not benefit in any way from Violations Bureau fines. We have no input or control over the fine amounts. You may rest assured that the traffic enforcement conducted in Hampden is based entirely on our concern for public safety.

For a quick reference, as of 10/15/2015, the following is a list of some of the most common violations and fine amounts:

  • Speeding $114 - $278
  • Speeding (School Zone) $203 - $531
  • Inspection $148
  • Expired/No Registration $85/Class E
  • Texting While Driving (1st offense) $325
  • Texting While Driving (2nd offense) $625
  • Failure to Produce Evidence of Insurance $186
  • Seatbelt/Child Safety Seat Violation $85 - $325