Dog Licenses

Dog licensing ensures rabies vaccination, which protects the health of your pet.


Maine state law requires all dogs over 6 months of age to be licensed.  Dog licenses expire on December 31 each year.  Per state law, a $25 late fee will be imposed upon all dog licenses renewed after January 31. 


The current dog license fee, without the late fees are:

  • $6.00 for spayed or neutered dogs; and
  • $11.00 for unaltered male or female dogs
  • $30.00 for nuisance dogs
  • $100.00 for dangerous dogs

When you license your dog, you must present a Certificate of Rabies Vaccination, which must show that the immunization is effective at the time of licensure.  For dogs vaccinated in other states, a certificate of immunization consistent with the requirements of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians in effect at the time of licensure will be considered acceptable.


The first time you license your pet, please bring a neutering certificate if the dog has been neutered or spayed.   




To license your dog online



Please feel free to contact the Clerk’s Office at 862-3034 with any questions.