Prescription Drug Disposal

Hampden Public Safety has a drop box located in our lobby where you may dispose of unused or expired prescription medications. 

Please DO NOT put sharps of any type, liquids, creams, ointments, or inhalers in the box. 


We are frequently asked about the proper and safe disposal of needles, lancets and syringes. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection suggests that households make or obtain a "sharps" container. Empty laundry detergent bottles work well. Label the bottle, "Do Not Recycle" and when the container is full, use strong tape to secure the cap and dispose with your regular household trash.                    

Alternatively, commercial sharps containers may be purchased at local pharmacies.  Some of these will come with mailers to collect and return the sharps in.  The Sharps Brochure link below will open a PDF document containing more information about proper disposal.

Also, the Hampden Transfer Station now has containers in place to help you safely dispose of your sharps.