Welcome to Assessing!

Our assessor is Richard Thibodeau, CMA.  To contact him, please call (207) 862-8363 or email him at assessor@hampdenmaine.gov

On this section of the website you can find information regarding property tax relief, how property values are assessed, and our tax commitment books.


For maps, please visit the GIS section of the website here.


To access the forms, please Right-Click on the link, and choose "Save Target/Link As", locate the folder on your computer where you want to save the file (like the Desktop) and click "Save".  If you simply left-click a document, it may not open within the browser because it is too large, and it will freeze up your browser.


The current mil rate (23/24) is $19.25 per thousand dollars in valuation. Taxes were committed on August 15, 2023.  The due dates are October 4, 2023 and April 3, 2024.  Interest begins the day following the due date.  Tax clubs are available through the tax collector, Wanda Libbey.


By clicking the link below you will find all of the current assessing applications, laws, etc.