Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my fingerprints taken?

We are able to fingerprint Hampden residents for employment and DHHS type matters.  Employment in schools is the only exception to this rule, and those prospective employees must be fingerprinted by the Maine State Police.  Also, we are no longer affiliated with the organization that processes Hazmat endorsements.  

Will you watch my house while I'm on vacation?

Please submit a security check request form to have us check your property periodically, time permitting, while your building is vacant.

How do I apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit?

Please review the section on Concealed Carry Permits for information. 

How do I get a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports can be obtained via

How do I get a burn permit?

Please see the Burn Permit Page for information on obtaining a permit.

How do I get a Protection from Abuse or Harassment Order?

Protection from Abuse and/or Harassment Orders may be obtained at the Maine Judicial Center located at 78 Exchange Street in Bangor, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. (207-561-2300) Criminal conduct on the part of the person you are requesting an order against may be reported to the police department having jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

How do I file a complaint about a Police Officer or Firefighter?

Contact any on duty supervisor at the Hampden Police Department. Contact may be in person, by phone, or by mail. Alternatively, you may contact Chief Bailey by phone (862-4000) or e-mail (
How do I contact the Animal Control Officer?
Animal complaints are handled by the on-duty police officers.  They will contact the ACO to transport animals or to conduct investigations and follow-up as needed.   

How many sex offenders live in Hampden?

The State of Maine maintains the official offender list. You can view the list here.

Can I have a criminal background check done on someone?

Public criminal record checks may be obtained online  Please note there is a fee for this service.

How do I get the streetlight on my road fixed?


Versant Power maintains the majority of the streetlights in town.  Issues may be reported to them directly with the following link: Versant Streetlight Repair