Edythe L. Dyer Library Board of Trustees

Current Members:


David Barrett  (2026)

Cynthia Gardella  (2025)

Yvonne Lambert  (2023)

Lowell T. Sherwood Jr. (2025)

Jane Jarvi  (2026)

Clarissa Edelston (2025)

Larry Clifford (2024)

Debbie Lozito (2026


Format:           Board of Trustees consisting of 9 members

                        (The Library is a Department of the Town)


Intent and Purpose:

                        Serve as an Advisory Board to the Library Director/Department Head

                        in matters related to the services, programs and needs of the library.



  •          Prepare for and attend regular board meetings.
  •          To become familiar with Maine library law, as well as standards, principles and practices for libraries.
  •          Oversee management of the Edythe Dyer Community Library Endowment Fund.
  •          Work with the council to obtain adequate library funding.
  •          Participate in the development and approval of library policies and review policies on a regular, systematic schedule.        
  •          Study the needs and interests of the community and see that they are addressed, as appropriate, by the library.        
  •          Act as an advocate for the library through contacts with civic groups and public officials.


Appointment:            Trustees appointed by Town Council